Thanks Angie!

Meet her in Hotel lobby, she is dressed in a formal way and I thought this is a going bad. But when she released her “cover” and get more comfortable in my room I can see that the photos was not fake. She has a gorgeous body and horny eyes. We shared some red wine in sofa and she likes to french kiss as a starter.

We undressed and took a shower together and she is happy to clean all areas in and outside. She has very nice tits and like to use them when cleaning my little brother. She ends up the shower session with a top perfomance blow job.

We moved over to the bed and I started to play with her tits, very beautiful and rock hard, the nice thing is that they are real stuff. Her nipples are medium size but very good to play with and she likes it. Moving down to her pussy and she responce directly, gets wet quite fast, and I get the feeling she is really enjoying (no fake moaning) to be licked. Entered a finger and after a few minutes she comes hard and loudly. She recovers fast and goes on with blow job, hanging with her head outside the bed. I can go down in her throat all the way and she scratch my balls at the same time with her nails. Cover on. She rides me for a while and she squeezes my dick with her pussy muscles, I am real close to cum. I want it to last for some more time so I change to take her from behind, I could just last for some minutes then I finished on her back.

We were drinking some more wine and cuddle a bit afterwards in bed. She moves down and starts the best blow job I ever had, including rimming and light ball scratching. She blow on the cover and let med enter her A-door while she rides me. We change position a couple of times while A-playing and she is really into everything. I cover off and she sucks me until I come in her mouth.

Angie stays more than 2 hours, no extra money request, and she gives me the feeling she loves it. Hope I can do a 3-some with her one day. I will repeat and I can recommend her, one of the best girls (maybe the best) I meet. // Stewe