Yes, I love anal sex. See my Activities page for a complete list of everything I do and even things I don't do.
Yes! Safer for both of us if we practice safe sex. That means condoms for both vaginal and oral sex. I won’t even agree to see you if you tell me you don’t like to use condoms or ask me if we can try without a condom. I'd all be dead long ago if I had been allowing sex without a condom.
I don’t put limits on the amount. I believe in doing what comes naturally instead of listing a long list of rules. The nicer you are to me, the better we will get along, and the more I will desire to have sex again and again if you want and maybe even try some new things. If you are an asshole, then I probably won’t let you have sex at all.
I am fully independent. I am friends with the girls at MyThaiTourGuide. Like them, I don’t work for anyone.
I do not expect any tips and will never ask you for tips. Some clients do decide to take me shopping or provide me a tip afterwards and I probably won’t say no unless you insist, but that’s completely your decision and you will never hear me asking for that nor will I expect it. The rates you pay is enough for me. I know it can get annoying continually being begged for more money than you originally agreed to pay. I hear many escorts do that, but don’t worry as you won’t have that from me. The only thing you are expected to pay is my fee which is clearly listed on my Rates page, and any reasonable expenses while we are together like eating, taxis when we are going places together, drinks, etc–reasonable expenses. Taxi or airfare if you want me to travel from another town to see you, but not if I am in the same town.
Yes, very good.
Yes, absolutely. I am happy to meet with clients with disabilities. Please make sure to mention this on the booking form when scheduling so I can be prepared. Make sure you give me as much info as possible about your disability.
Yes. See my Services page for a complete list of everything I do.
No, I am too busy for all that. I have A LOT of pictures and they are recent. Never had anyone say I didn't look like my picture or look better. Don't worry, this WON'T be an issue.
Yes, I am ok with casual pictures usually but please make sure ask first and not assume. Don’t forget to email me copies later.
It’s possible, but there are many currency exchanges, banks, and ATMs all over Thailand. Make sure to let me know when booking if you plan to pay in a foreign currency so I can let you know if ok.
Payment is due for the first day within 10 minutes of meeting. Please have payment ready without me having to ask. Some people prefer to send me payment prior to meeting and that’s ok, but not required and also not recommended since you might not know me yet. I have methods to accept payments in advance so ask if interested. Some people also like paying me complete payment for all days on the first day when we are planning to stay more than one day together and that is ok, and common, but again not required.
I am ok with anyone as long as they are nice. If you promise not to discriminate against me because I an Asian, I won’t discriminate against you as long as you are nice.
No, you do not have to send a deposit to schedule and see me unless you require me to travel to another town to meet you or if you want me to meet you at the airport.
Yes, I get tested frequently and usually post a copy of my results in my Private Picture gallery as well as update my last test date on my site.